3 Popular Hair Weave Methods

Females are always looking for a new look, and to achieve a new look we change our hair. Sometimes we're looking for more volume, length or different texture. To get a desired look, many women turn to hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions, but the 3 most popular are bonded, tracking and fusion. • Bonded hair weave is when track is glued to the root of the scalp. This way is quick and easy but can cause major problems if not applied properly. Bonded hair extensions can last up to 2 months is cared for properly. • Fusion hair weave is where each part of the hair is sectioned into individual strands, then hair extensions are bonded to each section using a heating appliance. Because the hair grows out, they need to be repositioned every 3 to 5 months. • Tracking (also known as sew-in weave) is where ones natural hair is braided, then the weave track is sewn into the braid. We suggest getting hair professionally installed for an optimal weave experience. These extensions usually last months, and Your hair can grow 5-7 inches with proper care. See which method is best for your hair type. Switch up your look, and Customize Your Confidence with Honey Hair Care human hair products.


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