3 Ways to Amp Up Your Look

We understand, life as a Honey Girl can be fast paced and you don't always have the time to get the look you desire. We've got sum tips that can help your look out in even the most busiest moments. - Add some leave- in- conditioner and do a quick, loose and messy side braid. This always does the trick for hair strands that don't want to be tamed. - A lip balm with a red or pink tinge always adds color to a flushed face. Add some to your cheeks when you don't have time for blush need some color in your cheeks. - Add shimmery gold or silver eyeshadow to the inside corner of your eyes to look more lively. If it's applied next to the tear ducts of the eye, it helps to make you look awake on your most tiresome days. Stay lively Honey Girls! Photo credit to HerInterest.com

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