Avoiding Alopecia

Hair weaves promote,healthy hair and healthy hair growth. But some women have to face the hair condition, Alopecia-- which is no joke. We want to ensure that our Honey Girls are getting the most out of their hair experience by avoiding the condition. Here are some tips to avoid Alopecia during the hair weave process. - When your hair weave is installed, make sure your cornrow braids aren't too tight. Braids that are too tight can make your hair thin out. Thinning hair is never a good thing. - Don't pull on your hair, girl. Pulling on hair weave puts stress to where hair is applied and can pull on your natural hair. - Do hairstyles that don't up too much stress on your edges. Too much stress on the hair puts stress on the hair follicle, which can lead to permanent damage. Photo credit to SoulsOfBlackWomen.com

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