Beautiful Spring Time Skin

Spring time is right around the corner and we know you want your skin looking and feeling healthy. We, at Honey Hair Care, have some beauty tips to have your skin ready to flaunt in the up coming spring season.

• The key to healthy skin is washing it daily. Get rid of grime, makeup, and sweat by using a mild soap that doesn’t strip away all moisture from the skin. Avoid alcohol based soaps because these tend to dry the skin out.

• Exfoliate! Use a soap scrub, or exfoliation device to rid your skin of dead skin cells. This will make your skin glow and feel exceptionally soft.

• Moisturize daily. Dry skin leads to itchy skin that flakes. Get rid of uncomfortable, itchy skin by moisturizing with a lotion that is easily absorbed by the skin. Refrain from using greasy lotions that clog pores. Eucerin lotion is great because the skin absorbs it well.

• Sunscreen is a must. Use a lotion that has sunscreen to avoid damage from sun rays. This will also protect your skin from getting damaging sun spots.

• Chill with the smoking. Smoking tightens blood vessels and restricts oxygen from skin. Smoking makes your skin look older and wrinkled.

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