Beyonce’s Hair Like ‘Mine’

In December the Grammy Award winning singer, Beyonce, released a surprise self titled visual album. The album contains the song 'Mine' featuring rapper Drake. As of recently, the two have released a music video to the ballad that has everyone talking. In the music video, Beyonce is seen sporting short, shoulder- length, ombré hair that is parted down the middle. It's a completely different look for Beyonce because she's usually seen with long flowing hair in most of her music videos. Just like Beyonce, you can acquire this distinctive look using Honey Hair Care products. Honey Hair Care has Silk- Based Closure hair extensions that will give you a natural part just like Beyonce's tresses in 'Mine'. With the Silk- Based Closure hair extensions, you customize the length and color to get the distinguished Beyonce hair! Customize your confidence with Honey Hair Care.

20140115-120006.jpg Photo credit to Check out Beyonce's new video @

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