Deep Waves With Braids

Want the look of deep waved hair without the hassle? Get hair a deep wave texture with braids. Make sure you have time to do this style because it takes some time. • Brush out any tangles or knots in hair. • Section hair into 4 parts. Part hair down the middle of head, then part that half into another half. There should be 4 even quadrants of hair. • Use a hair oil, or hair sheen, to add moisture and shine to the ends and tips of hair. • Then, apply hair mousse to the first section you will braid, mousse should make hair damp. • Tightly weave your hair into a braid. If you feel like hair is becoming dry as you are braiding, add more mousse. The mousse makes the texture last longer. • Secure braid with a small rubber band. • Repeat these steps to all quadrants of hair. At the end, you should have four tightly woven braids. • Sleep with the braids overnight, so your hair can take the shape of the braided weaves. • When you wake, take out your braids and your hair should be really wavy, holding a deep wave texture.


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