False Eyelash Application

For beginners, applying false eyelashes are never easy. Either they fit uncomfortably on the eye, look like their about to come off, have too much glue, or just look plain old fake. We’ve got some tips on how to apply those falsies comfortably and effortlessly.

• The more curved the eyelash is, the better. When the eyelash is curved, it’s easier to apply to the eye. Press the ends of the eyelash together so it creates a “c” shape.

• Make sure there is NO OIL on your lids. This will make it impossible for the lashes to stick to the lid efficiently. This will also cause discomfort to the wearer.

• If the set of eyelashes your trying to apply is difficult, try cutting the false eyelashes into 3 sections. Apply each section to each section of the eye individually. This will create an effortless and accurate eyelash application.

Hope these tips help you apply false eyelashes. Visit Honey Hair Care to get Human Hair Eyelashes that are guaranteed to look natural and feel comfortable.


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