Hair Weave and Extension Myths

People have a lot preconceived misconceptions about hair weaves and hair extensions and we want to set those misconceptions straight. Here are some places people get the truth twisted when it comes to hair weave.

MYTH: Hair weaves make you go bald.
Actually, if hair is taken care of properly it can promote hair growth. Hair weaves must be properly installed and properly taken out for the best hair experience.

MYTH: Hair weaves hurt.
Actually, no they don’t. If your head hurts when a weave is installed or taken out, something is wrong and advise for you to stop immediately. The hair weave process should not hurt at all.

MYTH: People can tell when Your wearing hair weave.
Actually, no one can tell when your weaving hair weave. If you get your hair properly style and cut it will look natural. Especially human hair weaves and extensions which make your hair look completely natural.

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