Black Women, Care for your Hair!

They used water to moisturize their hair. Our hair tends to be dry, mainly because of the shape of the hair due to having to adapt to the sun in Africa. But they used water. Nowadays we have ways of keeping our hair moisturized, so it isn’t best to just leave it alone and not shampoo (you can wash with conditioner only, called co-washing) it as it can really damage your hair and skin (build up in the hair can cause breakouts) and salt is in sweat and that actually damages the hair. So it is still best to have products. All you need is four things for our hair. 1.) A sulfate free shampoo, as sulfates are very damaging on our hair. 2.) A cheap conditioner (Suave or VO5) 3.) A water based leave in conditioner (first ingredient is water, does not contain petroleum or mineral oil because these damage the hair since they block our moisture). I just use the conditioner I wash with as a leave in conditioner 4.) A light natural oil to seal in that moisture, meaning olive, coconut, castor, carrot, tea tree, jojoba, grape seed etc. Since our hair does not hold moisture well.These are the products that you need pretty much.

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