How Do I Untangle My Hair Extensions?

Long Hair Extensions

You may have wondered how some of these celebrities and television personalities keep their mane looking in tip-top and tangle-free?! Well the secret is simple: Proper care and maintenance! You can do it too! Untangle those tresses in a few easy steps!

What you will need:

  • Wig brush
  • Bottle spray
  • Your favorite conditioner
  • 2-3 hair clips
  • Your Favorite Oil Sheen

Step 1- Fill a spray bottle with 2/3 of your favorite hair conditioner and 1/3 cup of luke-warm water. Make sure to shake it up like a Polaroid picture!

Step 2- Start by brushing your hair from the BOTTOM. This allows you to cover more area of your hair than if you were to start from the top of the head, downward. The top layer of hair tends to cover the bottom surface as you brush downward!

Continue Brush your hair extensions gently downward. Hold onto the edges and sewing’s as needed so as to not tug it away from the scalp!

Step 3- Apply  2-3 sprays of hair conditioner. Make sure to use the spray sparingly, as to avoid matting your hair and damaging the follicles!

Step 4- Continue brushing until you obtain desired results! Use the hair clips to section out the parts of your hair weave that you have already brushed; so that it does not get in the way of the other sections of your head. Its best to section your hair into two-three parts so that you can brush it easily and comfortably.

Step 5- Apply the oil sheen by holding the spray about 10 inches from your hair. Apply a generous amount to help lock in that beautiful luster and shine!



Tip: Ladies, don’t forget to brush your hair before you wrap it and go to sleep! Take care of your hair, and it will take care of you!

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