How To: Applying Human Hair Eyelashes

Every girl loves to bat their eyelashes (especially when she wants something.) So why not have long, full, natural looking eyelashes to wave at the world? Honey Hair Care has the most beautiful eyelash strips that consist of human hair, so no one will ever know that their falsies. But Not only do we have the lashes that you want, we have tips on how to apply those lashes so that no one knows their on!

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll have the lash extension you’ve dreamed of.

1. Make sure the lashes fit your eyes. If the lashes don’t fit your eyes, they will come off or they might even poke you in the eye. If they are too long, cut them so that they fit your eye perfectly.

2. Bend the ends of the lashes together so they make a “c.” This will make it easier to apply the lashes and they will be able to fit your eye perfectly.

3. Apply eyelash glue to the rim of the lashes (where the lashes connect to the strip.) Allow the glue to dry for 10 seconds so that it becomes sticky but not completely dried. The eyelash glue should be able to dry clear.

4. Finally, apply the eyelash strip (where the glue is) to the lash line of your eye. It should be applied atop to where your natural eye lashes are. Allow the glue of the false eyelashes to dry.

5. Lastly, blend the false lashes with your own natural lashes so no one can tell your wearing false eyelashes!

Hope these 5 tips help you with applying your falsie eyelashes, and visit today to get your quality Human Hair Eyelashes today!


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