Magical Manicure Drying

Everyone loves freshly painted nails, but who has time for the never-ending drying process? The last thing anyone wants to worry about is whether their nail polish has completely dried. Waiting around for dried nails can be a drag. Here are a few tips for faster nail drying to avoid the smudges and smears.

  1. Hello?!? Use a hair dryer. Wow! why didn’t anyone think of that? Set the hair dryer to the lowest or coolest setting and viola‚Ķmagic. Be sure you don’t get too close we don’t want to ruin them after a fresh paint job.
  2. Dip your painted nails in (or under) ice cold water for a few minutes. It sounds crazy and you may have cold fingers for a bit, but who cares those pesky nails will be dry nonetheless.
  3. Use cooking spray. Yes, our darling Pam deserves more credit outside of the kitchen world. The oil or butter in cooking spray helps boost nail drying. Spray a small amount from a distance and watch magic happen.
  4. Use an air duster. They’re not just good for getting dust out of your keyboards. You can count on an air duster for quick nail polish drying. Be sure to hold the can a substantial distance to avoid ruining your hard work.

Happy magical manicure drying! For more tips about quick nail drying, visit

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