Nail Biting Remedies

Biting your finger nails not only makes your nail beds look unhealthy, it also transfers bacteria from your fingers to your mouth— which can cause sickness. Nail biting is an ugly habit that's, for many, hard to break. Here are some tips to help you stop biting those finger nails. • Wear gloves. Gloves cover your natural nails so you can refrain from biting your nails off. • Chew gum. Chewing gum can help you fight the urge of wanting to bite your nails by keeping your mouth busy. • Keep your hands busy. Try picking up a new hobby that will keep your hands busy so you don't think about the bad habit. • If you still can't stop biting your nails, find a no- bite nail polish. The nail polish will taste horrible and remind you to stop biting. Apply the nail polish several times a day. With these tips you can stop biting off your beautiful nails, and grow strong & healthy finger nails. Photo compliments to

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