Reduce The Knots!

When your hair is long, it’s bound to become tangled. To keep your long hair extensions from getting too tangled, Honey Hair Care is offers some tips.

• Use a detangling or moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Don’t use shampoo that is meant for fine hair.

• Brush your hair out from tip to root. Brushing out tangles from the ends of your hair first breaks the hair less, and also makes it easier to take knots out at the root of the hair.

• Put your hair in a high buns or braids. This will prevent friction that causes it to get tangled, and it will also help maintain hair texture.

• Don’t forget to sleep with a satin scarf to avoid friction.

You always want to look presentable so don’t allow your weave to look like a tangled birds nest. Use these tips by Honey Hair Care and you will reduce tangles.

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