Synthetic Hair Versus Human Hair

Usually, when a girl wants to get hair extensions she has to choose whether she wants to use human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. But there are many things to consider when choosing hair extensions. Some may find that synthetic hair works better for their desired style while others may decide human hair extensions are best.

Synthetic hair is made up of fibers so the hair isn’t real at all, but the quality of the fibers can vary with each hair extension. Synthetic hair cannot be heated or colored because the fibers may get compromised which can ruin your weave. Daily washing and styling synthetic hair (on average) has a lifespan of about 3 months. Synthetic hair quality also varies with the weather. Although it may not frizz in humidity, it doesn’t hold as well as human hair in the sun. This can make all the difference in choosing a hair extension that is right for you.

Unlike synthetic hair, Human hair extensions offer the same qualities of natural hair. It can be washed, colored, styled, and heated to work with hair appliances. This is ideal for those looking for a natural look, and want hair that is durable. With the proper maintenance human hair can last up to a year.

Honey hair Care has different ethnicities of human hair, and textures that will get you the look you want to achieve. The Honey Hair Care human hair is fully customizable to give you confidence you want, starting with your hair.

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