Tangled Weave Repair

Last week we posted some tips on how to avoid tangles— but what do you do if your weave is already tangled? Honey Hair Care has got you covered on how to get the kinks out of your tangled hair mess.

• Soak hair in Virgin Olive Oil and detangle the hair with either a wide- toothed comb or wide paddle brush.

• Then use a Sulfate-free shampoo to wash the Virgin Olive Oil out of the hair.

• Deep condition for hours to get moisture back into the hair.

• Rinse out the conditioner and allow the hair to dry flat so there are no kinks in the hair and it doesn’t get tangled again.

• In a bottle, mix half water and half Leave-in conditioner and spray on to the hair to maintain moisture.

• Use Argan Oil for the tips. Tips of the hair tend to become more dried out than the rest of the hair. Argan Oil protects your tips from becoming too dried out.

• Before you style, use a thermal heat protectant so when you’re styling the hair with a curling iron or flat iron it doesn’t get damaged.

Hope these tips from Honey Hair Care can help detangling a matted weave mess. And Visit HoneyHairCare.com for all your hair extension needs.

20140115-132110.jpg Photo Credit to EHow.com

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