Hair Style Guide to the Many Textures of Honey Hair Care

Honey hair Care specializes in distributing human hair products that are tailor fitted to the consumers needs. The consumer is offered a variety of texture options that can be used to create a certain hairstyle. Here is a style guide for the different textures offered by Honey Hair Care.

Wet & Wavy: This hair can also be known as French Refined because it’s super wavy. It can be heated to be blown out straight, curled, and pressed. This is mostly used for braiding and weaving.

Soft Wavy: This texture has a soft wave, so it doesn’t have a deep wave as the wet & wavy does. It full but with a loose curl. Many consumers use this texture to blow out the hair straight.

Semi Wavy: Also known as Spanish wavy, this texture embodies a loose wave and can also be blown out straight with a hair blow dryer.

Semi Straight: Also known as body wave because it holds volume, it blends straight and wavy hair textures. When wet, it possesses a loose wave and it can also be blown out straight easily.

Relax Straight: This texture can sustain heat and is easy to blow dry of flat iron. It holds a silky soft feel and has more body than the European Straight texture.

European Straight: Also can be known as the Italian Straight because of the soft and fine texture it retains. It also manages heat well, and doesn’t need much heat to be made straight.

Yak: This hair coarse and 100% organic. It’s can also be permed or pressed and is available in grey tones.

Perm Straight: This texture is similar to hair after a perm. It blended with Yak to match the texture of your natural hair. It can be set in a heat rollers and flat ironed.

Kinky Straight: To get the pressed or relaxed look, this hair is blended with Yak and Wavy hair.

Jeri Curl: This hair can also be recognized as Bohemian curls because it retains a tight curl. This hair is ideal for twisting, locking, braiding or weaving.

Afro Kinky: Also known as baby curls, this hair texture has the tightest curl available. this texture is perfect for twisting and locking hair styles.

Hope this style guide helps when choosing a particular hair texture to do a specific style.

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