Tips for Caring for Long Locks

As time goes on, your hair gets more and more damaged. With all the washing, weaving, drying, heating, styling and exposure being done, your hair needs to be properly cared for— whether it’s your natural hair or human hair extensions. Here are some tips that will keep your strands healthy so they’re looking their best.

• Wash your hair with a sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner. This is great for color treat eyed hair as well as human hair extensions.

• Leave- in conditioner is a must. Especially for color treated hair, as well as human hair extensions, because it keeps moisture in the hair.

• Minimal Hair oil applied to the tips retains moisture in the places in loses it most, the tips. This can help against split ends.

• Trim the ends of your hair every 6- 8 weeks for natural hair. For those with human hair extensions— just trim the ends when you notice that they’re getting shabby, and we suggest getting them professionally done. This prevents split ends from traveling further up the strand.

• Eating right and getting proper vitamins produce quality hair growth.

• Reduce heat on the hair and use a thermal heat protective cream. This protects against heat damage.

• Don’t wear hairstyles that put a lot of stress on your edges. Frequently wearing your hair in styles that are stressful on your edges can cause hair thinning and breakage. This also causes stress on where hair extensions are applied (for those with hair extensions) which can effect natural hair growth.

• Give your hearing a break from products, weaves and styles. Constant processing of the hair is never a good thing, so let your hair lay off sometimes.

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