Tips for Growing Healthy Strong Nails

Every girl want to have long and strong natural nails. Here are some tips for our honey girls about getting your natural nails long and strong.

– Don’t bite them! Biting off your nails makes them weak doesn’t give them the chance to grow. Try a No- bite nail polish if it’s really a problem.

– Avoid using harsh chemicals on your nails. A toxic free nail polish is a great choice for avoiding harsh chemicals. Also, use rubber gloves when doing housework.

– Nail strengthening nail polish always comes in handy. Nail strengthening nail polish does exactly what it says– strengthens your nails. Use it to make your nails strong.

– Just like your hair, keep those edges smooth. Jagged edges can make your nails brake. Keep those tips manicured by trimming, filing, and buffing accordingly.

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