Tips to Prevent Hair Damage

If worn correctly, hair extensions can help the hair grow 1" - 1 1/2". But If hair extensions aren't properly cared for, hair extensions can cause damage to the natural hair. Damage to the natural hair can cause it to thin or even fall out. To help prevent hair damage to your natural hair, Honey Hair Care provides some tips. • Make sure your hair extensions aren't too tight or heavy. Stress on where the extension has been applied may cause the natural hair to rip out from the root. • Switch up your braid style. Getting the same style over and over again can cause repeated stress on certain parts of your head. Changing the style will allow stressed parts to become less irritated. Their shouldn't be any pain or tension. If there is pain or tension, that could be a sign of a problem. • Hair extensions should be applied professionally. To ensure the best outcome for your hair, you should visit a hair professional to apply hair extensions. You should visit your hair stylist at least once a month to keep up with maintenance. • Give your hair a break for a while. After you've taken out your weave, give your hair some time before applying a new weave. Wearing hair extensions for years can cause hair damage over time. Follow these tips on how to prevent hair damage while wearing a hair weave, and your natural hair will be happy. Visit Honey Hair Care to get all your weave needs.

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