Valentines Day Hair Ideas

Well, Valentines day is approaching and we know that our Honey girls are looking to show out for the lovers day. We’ve got some ideas on how to wear your hair for your Valentines Day date.

• Long flowing tresses never go out of style. Try wearing your hair in a straight texture with a slight curl at the tips. This will give an effortless look while still looking sexy.

• You can never go wrong with an up-do. Up- do’s are great for an elegant and sophisticated look.

• Try a more romantic hairstyle by styling your locks into a soft wave texture, and then pinning it to one side to drape over one shoulder.

• Go voluminous! Use a curling iron with a small barrel to get tight curls that offer much bounce and volume for a more spontaneous look.

• A new cut always offers a new look. Try cutting your hair into layers. It will emphasize your face while giving you a modern and stylish look.

• New color, new You. Dying your hair could make you look completely different. Try dying your hair black with a red tinge. It looks fierce, and is also so appropriate for the holiday.

We hope these tips can help you figure out what to do with your hair for Valentine’s day. For all you hair needs (including custom hair, wigs and eyelash extensions) visit Honey Hair Care.

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