Makeup Hack: Scotch Tape

We all know perfecting that cat eye look is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE but Scotch Tape is here to to save the day! If you want to […]

Bye bye Parabens! What are they anyway!?

“No Parabens! Paraben Free!” We’re becoming familiar with the sign plastered on hair product labels, but what exactly are they? Parabens are preservatives that help […]

Romanticize Your Eyes

Big eyes create a youthful, innocent yet sexy look suitable for any style. Some of us aren’t naturally doe-eyed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t […]

Lip Scrubs? What about them?!

Pucker up! Are your lips as healthy as they should be? To attain nourished lips they must be exfoliated. I know what you’re thinking– isnt […]