All the signs – For a New Sew-In

We all know our diamonds are forever but your weave isn’t. It does not matter how reputable your hairdresser is or your weave might be, it is not permanent. Honey Hair Care hair extensions usually last 6-12 months, but when is it time to get a fresh install? Here are some signs that your sew-in needs resuscitation:


  1. Your braids are no longer attached to your scalp. When your hair grows, braids become looser and they don’t appear as neat anymore. This can leave your tracks dangling–it’s time to let it go!
  1. The hair on the tracks begins outgrowing the leave out portion. You will have difficulty covering up and blending your tracks if this happens. That’s cue for starting over.
  1. Your weave has a life of its own. It’s time for a do over when it moves on its own or moves when you relieve an itch.
  1. Your weave is lifeless. When your tracks begin to shed, curl patterns loosen and your sew-in lacks the shine and volume it had, your weave has expired. Be mindful of not confusing this with hair that is not the best quality.

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