Bye bye Parabens! What are they anyway!?

“No Parabens! Paraben Free!” We’re becoming familiar with the sign plastered on hair product labels, but what exactly are they? Parabens are preservatives that help avoid bacteria from developing in cosmetic products to make them last longer. They can be found in 90% of cosmetics: makeup, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks and so on.

The problem is they’ve been connected to breast cancer and reproductive complications. Studies have not directly pointed to parabens as a cause of cancer, but cancerous cells were found to contain parabens in a higher than normal density. Even though the FDA considers parabens safe in the levels they are found in cosmetic products, these things do add up. We use a variety of these products on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day.

We can either do the math on how much of what we can use before it becomes harmful to us, OR we can just avoid it all together. Rather be safe than sorry right?! Choose Paraben free! To read more about parabens read the article at

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