Get Brighter, More Vibrant Eyeshadow–ASAP!

Ever notice how eyeshadow palettes look vibrant, but as soon as it’s applied to your eyelids, they appear dull?! There is no way around this, regardless of the color, brand, texture– We’re trying to brighten up our lives not be turned off. HHC welcomes you to the new age!

Here are a few tricks to make your eyeshadow colors pop!


  1. Eyeshadow Primer: Don’t forget the primers! They help with the longevity of your eyeshadow, but also with the vibrancy of the colors.
  2. .Eyeshadow Base: The thicker and creamier the a primer the better intensification of colors. They are generally used after applying a primer.
  1. White eye pencil: This easily replaces eyeshadow base. Cover your eye lid with white eye pencil before applying eyeshadow and you’ve got yourself brighter color intensity.
  2. Damp eyeshadow brushes: A little moisture in your eyeshadow brush can go a long way with application. You will notice more pigmentation with this trick.
  3. Concealer: Will even out the pigmentation in your eyelids pushing for more color intensity when applying eyeshadow.


With these few tricks, transferring vibrancy initially in the eyeshadow pallette now will electrify those eyelids by storm!


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