K. Michelle’s Flowing Locks of Hair

Seems like everyone cannot keep their eyes off of the ladies of VH1’s reality show Love and Hip Hop. The show covers the scandalous affairs of men and woman in the Hip- Hop music industry.

One woman who is identified for being very vocal not only in her opinions, but singing alike, is songstress K. Michelle. In last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, the V.S.O.P singer graced the screen with her long hair that embodied soft curls. K. Michelle is known for having beautiful flowing locks that are uniquely styled each show. To instantaneously get the flowing, soft curl look K. Michelle had on last nights episode of Love and Hip Hop, visit HoneyHairCare.com now. Customize your confidence with Honey Hair Care.

20140114-144211.jpg Photo compliments to BoomBox.com

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