Lip Scrubs? What about them?!

Pucker up! Are your lips as healthy as they should be? To attain nourished lips they must be exfoliated. I know what you’re thinking– isnt that just for the rest of my skin? Lips are all uniquely shaped but similar to the rest of your body. This means it’s imperative to remove dead skin cells on the lips just like any other part of the body. Your lips can only retain moisture if the dead cells are removed.

Exfoliating is necessary when your lips become chapped or discolored.The cold weather, smoking, over-exposure to the sun, dehydration, breathing with an open mouth and drinking coffee or tea often could be the reason for your chapped or discolored lips.

To exfoliate your lips at home, apply a mixture of olive oil and brown sugar on your lips for one minute, wipe it off with a damp cloth and voila! Baby soft beautiful lips! To read more about exfoliating lips visit


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